Thursday, August 09, 2007

This is Brigitte at the Rathaus, when she came to Hamburg in June.

At the Hamburg main train station. We had a lovely weekend, checking out a couple of quilt stores and my tiny quilt book library, brunching at a little place near me. We also compared the blocks we'd been making for this log cabin we're doing together. Hers were much smoother and neater, but she helped me figure out what i'd been doing wrong (stretching the fabric as i sewed). The strips we are using are mostly across the grain, so they're very stretchy and since the blocks are 12", you can end up with some pretty puckery blocks! I also started sewing mine on a foundation and trying to include more strips that are cut on the grain, so now, apart from color choices, you can scarcely tell the difference between hers and mine. Brigitte is paper piecing hers. I wish i could show you pictures of the blocks, but my camera is somewhere in Southern Germany now. Some of the fabric that just arrived in the mail is intended for this project, so I'm looking forward to getting back to the log cabins sometime soon.

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Brigitte said...

Dear, I enjoyed the time in HH together with you so much. It was so much laughter, fun and easy going. Thanks for your invitation and thanks for so much compliments! I'll post some log cabin blocks of our project