Friday, August 17, 2007

The obsessive piecing continues: Yesterday i started a new quilt, a single Irish chain in pink and cream for my Aunt Livia. I had the same dilemma with her fabric that i had with the quilt for Auntie Ada, i.e. the rose feature fabric was pretty in such a delicate way that it seemed most patchwork patterns would only detract from it. Even the single Irish chain, intended to frame blocks with roses, didn't work because there wasn't enough contrast. All of the combinations of fabrics and designs that would show up at all seemed too overwhelming. Sooo, i decided to save the lovely rose patterned fabric for another quilt (i already know for whom!) and just make this really simple, with plain cream blocks between the nine patches. Still using the tiny rose companion fabric. I've already got a good start on it and hope to finish it soon.

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Belém said...

Single irish is one of my favourite patterns. I prefer simple classic paterns with good choice of prints and colors.