Sunday, August 26, 2007

Star Swap, Anyone?

I'm not sure how to organize a swap as i've never done it before, but I started this one with Norma and Lisa, two quilters in the States who, alas, are not yet in blogland, and i wondered if anyone else would like to join, as i find I'm making way more of each block than i need.

They're 10" indigo and white stars (the background can be light or dark--i.e. the reverse of what you see in these pictures). We've found lots of good patterns in Judy Hopkins' Around the Block and Once More Around the Block, as well as under 10" blocks. Also, they don't absolutely have to be star or star-like designs. Things like Chickadee Quadrille or Footstool or even Yankee puzzle would be fine, as far as i'm concerned. Overly simple designs like Friendship Star might not work as well, though, since the blocks are rather large.

The Castle Garden below isn't so precise because i made it before reinstalling a 1/4 inch seam guide on my machine. So don't worry, my piecing is usually more accurate than that.

I like this project because you can get carried away with it for an afternoon, making a bunch of one or two block patterns, and then leave it for a while until you feel inspired by another block design. Please contact me if you're interested.


Amy said...

I love the combination of blue and white, so striking! And the Castle Garden block is wonderful :)

Belém said...

You can count on me. I would like to link your swap on my blog but you must give more details like closing date, how blocks will be changed between swapers etc. Hugs and good luck

Nettie said...

Luisa, I had to think about it and talk to the other swappers (also I was out of town), but now i've posted more detailed guidelines. I would be very happy if you joined.

sewnut said...

Pleased to find your blog on the WebRing. I have been to Hamburg twice but many years ago. My family is from there - Altona.

I am loving the log cabin project you are doing.