Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hi, there,

Sorry not to post in a while. I've been rather caught up in other tasks and hesitate to start sewing as i know how obsessive i can be about it and there isn't time at the moment...

The first deadline for the Indigo/ White stars swap is looming, though, plus my friend Nancy and I are working on a quilt for her son, and I'd like to get going on some blocks for that. So far, my contributions have been limited to raiding my stash. It's another Hidden Spools, but this one won't be so "higgeldy piggeldy" (as Nancy puts it). We're trying to make it more orderly, which is a bit of a challenge for me, as it will be harder to make large amounts of color go with other large amounts. I find scrappy quilts easier when everything's mixed together in small bits. Her son just started studying Physics at university and we're thinking he would appreciate orderliness and discernible patterns.

Below is a higgeldy piggeldy version of Hidden Spools. We're going to make Benny's so that all of the squares match within themselves, rather than simply alternating light and dark, as I did here.