Friday, January 25, 2008

Hi, there,

sorry i keep neglecting the old blog here. Part of it is due to Sekrit Projects in the works and part of it is that i've been offline more these days, due to various real-life challenges that need more time and attention. For example, my kitchen is being remodelled soon and there's lots to do to prepare for that. If I have online access at home, it's too tempting to procrastinate, so i hand over my modem to a trusted neighbor, with instructions not to return it to me no matter what i say until a specified date. I hope to be back in posting mode next week.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I ran across a beautiful indigo and orange quilt, here, at the New England Quilt Museum.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Above are the beautiful and inspiring stars that Luisa sent me, in the cool light of Hamburg (i.e. they look much better on her blog :-). I especially love the one upper left (Fifty Four, Forty?).

Setting ExperimentsAbove: on point
not on point. I'll wait until I have all of them to decide, but it's fun to play. Any thoughts? I'm also considering a colored background, inspired by Luisa. Maybe yellow or cinnabar, but i'm leaning toward cream, so that the quilting in the alternate blocks can add another dimension.

Feeling virtuous because I spent the last several days piecing more stars and finished 15 (only 3 designs). I've been focussing on cutting and sewing more accurately. It took me several tries to get all the points of this pinwheel to meet exactly in the center, but it was very satisfying when i finally got it right. Some designs seem to sort of sing when they're precise.
I usually make five of each block (4 for the swap and one extra) and I'm thinking of making something non-quilty with this particular block. I like the combination of indigo and orange, which i would never have tried if not for my sister Lisa's inspiration from looking at some Moroccan tiles.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Ick bin ein Berliner! (sic)

This may look like an innocent jelly donut, but in most parts of Germany, it's known as a Berliner,* which is one reason the Kennedy quote from the days of the Berlin Air Lift brings a sly smile to the lips of most Germans. You can get them with a vast assortment of different fillings. My fave is filled with a luscious vanilla custard infused with Eierlikör (egg liquor).

Sort of like black eyed peas in the States, eating a Berliner on New Year's Day (or apparently anytime within a week or two before or after New Year's) is a tradition in Germany.

(*in Berlin, it's called a Pfannkuchen.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope 2008 is starting out well for everyone. It's funny, i never feel a big compulsion to celebrate New Year's Eve (possibly because there is usually some celebration that i'm more or less dragged into joining, so i don't know what it wd be like not to celebrate, or perhaps because when we were kids, our family always went to big NYE parties that were lots of fun, so i've never had the feeling that i've missed out on The Party). However, I do like the feeling of New Year's Day, full of possibility.

Embarrassing to note, I didn't fulfill even one of my goals for Nov/Dec (see List of Shame left). In fact, i did almost no sewing in these months, for reasons i'll explain later. But I want to look forward, inspired by Luisa's post about setting goals.
1) I want to go more deeply into this Sampler project, and try out lots of different blocks. I'm also trying to improve my accuracy, motivated by the impressive craftsmanship of my swap partners, Luisa and Lisa.
2) Finally tackle the Grandmother's Fan quilt (but first i have to figure out how to go about it).
3) Develop more consistent work habits, e.g. take hand sewing with me when travelling; prepare piles of piecing to do when i've only got a few minutes between other things.
4) Organize my workspace and keep it organized (more or less)!
5) Live more consciously, keeping priorities straight, focussing on what a gift life is.

Wishing you all whatever you hope for in 2008!