Friday, January 11, 2008

Ick bin ein Berliner! (sic)

This may look like an innocent jelly donut, but in most parts of Germany, it's known as a Berliner,* which is one reason the Kennedy quote from the days of the Berlin Air Lift brings a sly smile to the lips of most Germans. You can get them with a vast assortment of different fillings. My fave is filled with a luscious vanilla custard infused with Eierlikör (egg liquor).

Sort of like black eyed peas in the States, eating a Berliner on New Year's Day (or apparently anytime within a week or two before or after New Year's) is a tradition in Germany.

(*in Berlin, it's called a Pfannkuchen.)


Kay said...

"any time within a week or two" LOL Maybe it's good luck to eat one at all!

jovaliquilts said...

Neat, I never knew that about what Kennedy's statement sounded like to Germans. Now I will smile every time I hear it, too.