Sunday, January 13, 2008

Above are the beautiful and inspiring stars that Luisa sent me, in the cool light of Hamburg (i.e. they look much better on her blog :-). I especially love the one upper left (Fifty Four, Forty?).

Setting ExperimentsAbove: on point
not on point. I'll wait until I have all of them to decide, but it's fun to play. Any thoughts? I'm also considering a colored background, inspired by Luisa. Maybe yellow or cinnabar, but i'm leaning toward cream, so that the quilting in the alternate blocks can add another dimension.

Feeling virtuous because I spent the last several days piecing more stars and finished 15 (only 3 designs). I've been focussing on cutting and sewing more accurately. It took me several tries to get all the points of this pinwheel to meet exactly in the center, but it was very satisfying when i finally got it right. Some designs seem to sort of sing when they're precise.
I usually make five of each block (4 for the swap and one extra) and I'm thinking of making something non-quilty with this particular block. I like the combination of indigo and orange, which i would never have tried if not for my sister Lisa's inspiration from looking at some Moroccan tiles.


Kay said...

I like these blocks, both the ones from your friend and yours. I made a star sampler quilt a few years ago and set it together the way Alex Anderson does with no alternate squares. I've always felt it was too busy. What you're doing is wiser. IMHO, on point is better.

And indigo and orange is a wonderful color scheme!

Belém said...

You are playing a lot with the stars and with wonderful results. I agree with Kay about the on point scheme and I'm sure the other color scheme (cream,cinnabar or yellow) you intend to try, will result well.
PS: For me pinwheel is a very difficult block. It is a hard job to meet together all the central points, and your block looks perfect!!!

julieQ said...

Oh how beautiful!! I love your blocks, and am so glad to find your blog. Love your oranges! Thank you for stopping by my blog, too. Hope you have a wonderful day!