Sunday, August 19, 2007

Basil GardenI finally finished the first quilt I ever started! It had been languishing as a UFO in my cupboard for years. The motivation for finishing it was Peg, the daughter of old friends in California, who's off to study theater in the Fall. This still needs borders, but i think i'm going to just go with more of the beige leaf that I used for the background. Actually, the very first quilt i ever made, if you could call it that, also happened to be for Peg, the summer she was born 18 years ago. It felt like cheating bcs there was no patchwork or appliqué involved. It was just a white fabric with colorful, stylized clowns on it. I stuffed the clowns' bellies with extra batting and machine quilted around the outlines of the clowns.


Belém said...

Nettie, I'm glad you are finishing Basil Garden quilt. Peg will be delightd (and warm) with such beautiful quilt.

Brigitte said...

Ich finde aber auch diese zurückhaltende Farbstellung schön. Ich hab auch noch so ein Projekt, das mein "erstes" Patchwork ist, und es fehlen nur noch zwei Reihen am Rand - es liegt seit 4 Jahren... :-(
Ob ich wohl auch noch mal die Kurve kriege? :-)

Nettie said...

Do you mean sewing curves? or make it "around the curve"?? I'd love to see a picture of your first project.