Monday, April 30, 2007

Baby Clothes to College Quilt

This quilt top (below), even more now that it's sewn together, reminds me of quilts my grandmother used to make for us. This quilt, by the way, is for a niece who's going off to Harvard next year. Funnily enough, when she was born, i was finishing my Masters at Harvard. Since a number of friends and family had their first babies that year, when i was back in Berkeley looking for work that summer, I sewed a bunch of baby clothes. Mia was one of my first victims. Her mom said "No pink!" so i made her a chic looking black romper with white Japanese calligraphy all over it and red buttons. Since then, my auntly activities have waned, i must admit, but hearing that she was going off to college inspired me to get cracking once again. I suppose the next thing will be a wedding quilt.


Bingo~Bonnie said...

Your quilt does indeed have that old timey look to it! I think b/c of how you mixed in differnt light fabrics for your backgrounds.

Bonnie Hunter does this also and quilts like this always look fantastic to me!

How special that you are giving it to your niece. I know she will love it!!! :c) ~Bonnie in SE Texas

Nettie said...

Bonnie, i stole the idea of mixing different neutrals from Bonnie Hunter. I go a bit further in the scrappy direction in making the points different as well. It's the kind of thing my grandmother used to do out of necessity. And sometimes i do it out of necessity too.

I'm thinking the old-timeyness comes partly from juxtaposing really disparate colors /patterns, another thing my grandmother did without hesitating and something i've had to learn.