Monday, April 30, 2007

Quilting Lore

Noodling around on the internet today, i ran across some quilting lore, some of which i'd heard before. Thought i'd post it just for fun. Anyone heard any other interesting lore?
  • At a quilting bee, "shake up a cat" in the newly-completed quilt, then stand in a circle around the quilt. The woman toward which the cat heads will be the first to marry. (trying to imagine this poor cat's reaction!)

  • At a quilting bee, wrap an engaged girl in the quilt and roll her under the bed. (No reason is given for this custom!)

  • A bride may not sell whatever dress she's married in, but she can wear it, give it to a younger sister, or cut it up to be used in quilts.
  • the color red should bring love and prosperity to the owner of the quilt.
  • If you make a bedspread, or a quilt, be sure to finish it or marriage will never come to you.
  • If you wash a quilt in snow, it will ease the souls of the dead women who made it.
  • If a hair of yours gets worked into a quilt, it will bind you forever with the recipient of the quilt. (there was also talk of working various charms into the binding or between batting and backing).
  • it's bad luck to quilt on Sunday (I refuse to believe this, since if i did, i wouldn't get much quilting done at all!)

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