Friday, April 06, 2007

Patient Progress

Hi, just thought i'd say, the knee is better, but still hurts at night if I walk around even close to a normal amount during the day. I decided to use my nordic walking sticks, to avoid limping and so that i can walk around more. I really miss being able to just stroll around as much as i want, but it probably won't be long before everything's back to normal.

The hospital experience was actually kind of fun. I had a really nice roomate who was also there exactly two days, so we talked "about God and the World" as the Germans say. This clinic is connected with a hotel and uses one of their wings, so we got to stay in a luxury hotel room and the food was fabulous. The first day, i was sick from the anaesthetic, so i guess it wasn't so great, but i don't remember anything except how pleasant the whole experience was, probably bcs of the painkillers.

When i was coming out of the anaesthetic, I was a bit confused and dreamy, like someone in a fever. I confided in the nurse that i was afraid the doctor might not do a proper job on my knee because I'm American and anti-Americanism appears to be so rampant in Germany. She reassured me and kept asking me if I was in pain. Funnily, what hurt most was my shoulder, from an old slipped disc problem which had crept back up on me. But my knee also hurt a lot. I asked when I was going to have the operation and she said it had already happened, lifting the sheet to show me the bandage! I thought i was still waiting to be operated on.

They had to keep me in the recovery room longer than usual because my blood pressure was too low. The nurse said, "You can tell us stories from your childhood." I guess they're used to these rambling, loquacious patients in the recovery room. Wonder what else i said that i don't remember.

On the quilting front, i'm still getting organized. Have sorted out most of my stash, but now i want my whole flat/workspace to be totally neat and organized, since i've got this block of time over Easter Weekend and then life will probably be pretty crazy with both my jobs and teaching writing this term.

I'm looking forward to getting back to work on 2-3 quilting projects. Do other people usually work on several things at once or is that an ADD (ADS) thing?

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