Monday, February 26, 2007

What a Difference a Border Makes!

Which do you like better? I'd really like opinions. I think the lighter blue (+rainbow+navy) border makes that one brighter and more suited to a kid and the one with the navy (+saffron yellow) border looks a bit more sophisticated, like it might even work as a lap quilt for an adult who likes lots of color. What do you think?


Brigitte said...

Hallo Nettie,
beide Einfassungen haben was für sich. Die mit dem Regenbogen ist logisch konsequent fortgesetzt, weil die Scraps ja auch so vielfältig bunt sind.
Die dunkelblaue Einfassung hat etwas Klares und Ordnendes (if I would choose, than for me please the dark one :-) )

Nettie said...


Actually, i found the navy border the more logical / natural choice, the one i'd planned all along. The lighter blue border felt more experimental to me. I still can't decide which i like better, but i think the saffron/navy border contains the chaos a bit better.

Belém said...

It is not easy to choose. I like both but I am more found of the saffron. Good luck with your new blog. :-)

Belém said...

You teach ESL. What is it? I could ask it by e-mail but you don't have it in your blog.

Nettie said...

I teach English as a Second Lenguage, at a university and a technical college, so I have a lot of variety in terms of students and types of material that I teach. What do you do? I was in Lisbon once and loved it.

Also i loved the work of yours that i saw on your blog!