Monday, February 26, 2007

One of the Dirt Friendly quilts sewn together with its borders on. It's meant to be a sturdy quilt for a kid to play on or cuddle with.

I don't have pictures of most of the quilts I've made--some of which are now across the ocean--but I hope to eventually and will post them.

I'm also working on a Sister's Choice from Bonnie Hunter's site and an Amish Dahlia that I found on

Upcoming projects:
  • a Grandmother's Fan for my nephew Marcos, the absolute doll (OK, 6'4" doll!) who brought me two duffle bags full of fabric when he visited me in Germany last Summer.
  • a batik Bear Paw for Alex
  • a brown and blue and cream batik shoofly for a young couple who live in former East Germany.
  • the blue and white swap sampler quilt I'm doing with my sister Lisa and cousin Norma
  • a blue and yellow quilt for my friend Ann's daughter, Franny
  • a purple and green Friendship Star quilt for my friend Laura Ann.
  • Going Away to College Quilts for a couple of other friend's kids
  • a Wedding Quilt--just simple squares--for Joy in Prague/Singapore; an old buddy from Tokyo.


Brigitte said...

Netti, sag mal, hast du diese hidden spools blöcke jetzt alle innerhalb von 24 Stunden zusammengenäht und eingefasst?

Nettie said...

Nein! I hatte die zwei Decken schon alle zusammen genäht und sogar die gelbe innere Rand war an. Today i just sewed on a wider border here and two borders on the other one. Will post a pic of that one too. Blogger wdn't allow me to post a pic earlier.