Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Inspiration Everywhere

These tiles are in the entry hall of a friend's house. Every time i see them, i think what cool--if not exactly easy--quilt blocks they would make.
I'm still without my computer at home, and feeling too burdened by "real" work to do much sewing, but next week we're on holiday from one of my jobs, so i hope to have a bit of guilt-free time for creative stuff, finally. I'd also like to take a few pictures around town, while the Fall colours are still going. Autumn tends to segué pretty quickly into Winter here, but at the moment, it's glorious.


jovaliquilts said...

I love tile floors! I have taken tons of photos of them and one day -- one day! -- plan to make a quilt. There are some books that help. Have you ever made one?

Nettie said...

No, I've never tried making one, but am also fascinated by the idea. This one looks a bit complex. I guess one could use embroidery for the lines and simplify the shapes a bit.