Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nachwuchs! I love that German expresssion. My sister Lisa (the one who also quilts) has just become a grandma! My nephew David's fiancée Singer gave birth to Gwyneth Agustina Luján on September 6th. She was an even 9 lbs and 22 in. long. And here she is lying on the quilt that i made her.

I just tie quilted it, but the back is pretty cute, with red knots on a sky blue background and a yelllow Dick and Jane border. More pics coming soon (I forgot to take any, but grandma promised to send some).


jovaliquilts said...

Bright baby quilts are my favorite. It's just adorable (as is the baby!) I hear you about having an ailing computer -- mine wouldn't load the photos when I visited blogs. Just got another one at last and am catching up on blogs.

Nettie said...

Yeah, I feel really out of the loop in blogland, but i hope to get my computer back finally in a couple of weeks (I'm logging in at the college where i work and we're on holiday next week). One reason this took so long is i was too cheap to take it to the regular Mac shop. A student offered to fix it essentially for free, but it's just taking a while.