Monday, June 04, 2007

Addendum / Correction

My sister Lisa, who is eight years older, tells me that Grandmerner did read to the older kids at least. Maybe she read to us as well, and i just don't remember it. Lisa says she read Brer Rabbit and other regional classics, and that when she was reading a certain story, at a certain point she'd say, Here, when I was reading this to your dad and Uncle Vince, they would always have fallen asleep by this part (something about Aunt Tillymouse).

One thing i've noticed as we reminisce about family is that we really did all have distinctly different childhoods, even within the same family. When i mentioned to a cousin something about an unconditionally loving grandmother, "you know, like Grandma, that type" she said, Are you kidding? Grandma? That wasn't how I knew her. She never read or sang to them. But then they lived in Arizona and didn't see her that often. Still, i'm startled by how different our experiences/impressions of various people and events can be.

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