Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Stealth Model

This one is the stealth version.

The elastic closure is cleverly concealed inside, although this might not satisfy people who are used to the classic shape of a hot water bottle cover. Not sure the world is prepared for this much innovation..


jovaliquilts said...

These are very nice. I don't use hot water bottles, but have a gel pack I heat in the microwave, which is the same sort of thing. I just wrap it in a towel, but using little bags for them is so much classier.

Belém said...

Hello Nettie,

Wonderful for these cold days. I don´t use hot water bottles but I imagine this is absolutly needed cold countries.

KittyCat said...

Hi Nettie - first time to your blog. And wow, you're an English teacher who quilts?

I'm *ashamed* that the only creative thing this English teacher can do with my hands is origami with instructions!

As winter is just starting for us here, a hot water bottle in such a cute cover sounds so warming...

Yet I don't think the cold could compel me do come out with such beauties :P

jlshall said...

Nettie, your bottle covers are so nice! I always wondered why we don't use hot water bottles more in the US - they're so practical. Too much central heating I guess.

Thanks very much for visiting my blog!