Thursday, December 06, 2007

A bit premature, I know, but I felt like posting something Christmasy.

You know those funny names that blocks have? I've always been intrigued by the one called "Hobson's Kiss". It raises so many questions. One can't help wondering who this Hobson was and, if he was such a great kisser, why the quilter wasn't on a first name basis with him? Or was this a legendary kiss someone of her acquaintance had experienced? And if so, what did the block design have to do with the kiss? I made five of these today, just because of the mysterious name.

Still working on the indigo and white sampler blocks, but hesitate to post pics, as I want them to be a surprise for the swap recipients. We finally decided to make them all 9" for this swap, which means i've got about 25 10" orphan blocks(!). If anyone happens to be interested in doing a 10" indigo/ white swap, I'm ready! (You can see some examples of the blocks i've already made below.)

We've also decided to include more warm colors, like cinnabar and ochre to warm up the overall color scheme slightly. I've been laying mine out on an indigo background, thinking i'll alternate these blocks with plain indigo, to make things less busy. I like this layout better than just sashing, as the blocks are so different.

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