Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally had time for a bit more sewing. I'd been longing to try these tumbling blocks and had been collecting fabrics for them for a while. Many of these came from Brigitte's shop.

From the campus at Bremen where the semester started last week. My classrooms are all way out in the boonies this time, but the walk there is scenic and good exercise..


Belém said...

I work in a campus too and I love to walk there at lunch time.
I love this pattern and the colors you chose for your quilt. Some years ago I started a cube project but I didn't finished it because it is hand sewed (another UFO).

julieQ said...

I love that tumbling block quilt piece. Is yours English paper pieced, hand pieced, row pieced? It looks difficult to me. Value is important to make it look as good as yours does!


Nettie said...

It's machine-pieced. I strip cut the pieces with a 60° angle template. I made a little cardboard template with holes in the corners where the seam allowances cross to mark the start and stop points on the lighter pieces. Maybe I should post pics of the process, because it's easier than it looks :-)

Nettie said...

And thanks for the compliments on the color scheme. It's the one thing i'm worried about here, as this is a present for someone who may not have such exuberant tastes :-)