Friday, September 14, 2007

This Bear Needs a Break

Thanks for visiting my blog. Just thought i'd say, I'm taking a mini-break from the internet at home, so may not post here for a couple of weeks. I have some catching up to do and need to prepare for the upcoming semester (the "Winter Semester" at universities starts in mid-October here). Last night i finished piecing the rose and white irish chain for my Aunt Livia. It turns out her cancer appears to be back, so this was good timing. I've been clearing the decks, sending quilts off to be quilted. I'm afraid if i start another new project, I'll be swept into it and not be able to tear myself away to do anything else. I wonder if other people have this problem.


Hedgehog said...

You are not alone with that problem. Good luck with the start of term and hope to see you back online sometime soon!

Belém said...

That's the problem of all of us. Best wishes for your semester. Keep in touch :)

Maria Alejandra Kaminski said...

We all have the same problem... Good semester for you!